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9 Simple(ish) Tactics that Will Help Double Your Traffic in 2018

SEO is changing.

What was once a simple process consisting of guest blogging, commenting, and backlinking has turned into a behemoth checklist of “do’s” “dont’s” and “Please God No’s”. Read more


6 Advanced Facebook Advertising “Tricks” That Will Help You Double Your Campaign’s Effectiveness

Facebook advertising is taking the world by storm.

Despite the growing prevalence of other social media channels like Instagram and Snapchat, Facebook is still the unrivaled king of the social networks.

And it isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Read more


9 Compelling Reasons Your Business Needs to Invest in SEO

After several years running and growing a number of successful online companies, I have developed a finely tuned “Business B.S. Meter.” Read more


3 Advanced On-Page SEO Problems You Don’t Know You Have (and how to fix them)

The best practices within the world of SEO have been like a roller coaster over the past decade. Read more


5 Epic Hacks to Target your Ideal Customer with Facebook Ads

Have you ever watched the movie The Shooter with Mark Wahlberg?

It’s a story about an ex-marine scout sniper who is framed for a political assassination and is forced into a dangerous mission to clear his name.
Read more


4 Simple Ways You Can Use Instagram Stories to Rapidly Grow Your Business

You know that old saying by Pablo Picasso that “Good artists copy and great artists steal”? Read more


3 Small Technical SEO Fixes That Will Double Your Traffic This Week

SEO is a lot like football.

It might be played in yards, but it’s won in inches. Read more


How to Save a Dog’s Life Using Facebook Ads

My friend Zain made a post 5 days ago on Facebook about a dog named Onyx that was abandoned by its owners. He bought a foreclosure and the poor dog got left behind for one reason or another. Read more


How To 80/20 Your Technical SEO Audits To Find The Most-Important Site Fixes

What determines the success of a business?

Is it luck? Hard work? Passion?

Maybe. Read more


5 Clever Ways Businesses Are Making Money With Snapchat


It started out as an app created so that “eager” high school and college students could send questionably appropriate photos without having to worry about them ending up on the internet.

Now, it has become one of the single most influential, powerful, and (potentially) lucrative social media platforms in the world. Read more