National SEO Services

The most competitive campaigns are always on a national level. Unless your product is incredibly niche, you are generally competing against the biggest brands in the world on the search results. The reason they rank so well is because the vast majority of their links come naturally. Those natural links help to build credibility with Google and the rankings are a byproduct. Only the best link builders can touch the top results and hang with the big boys. We pride ourselves in being amongst that elite group.

Our Process for national SEO

Market Research

It’s important to understand the landscape of the market you’re competing in. A few years ago I had a client come to me in the pre-settlement funding business. He wanted to rank nationally for all the keywords in his industry. The first thing I did was to take a look at the Google trends data for their search terms to get a better idea of which search phrases are on the rise:

The graph highlights a substantial amount of interest in this service which typically means it’ll be very competitive. Below shows interest based on region:

With this data we can target areas with the highest amount of interest. We could build out landing pages specific to those cities and localize our link building efforts to maximize visibility.

Keyword Research

Once I’ve gotten an overview of the market i’ll dig a bit deeper into the keyword research phase:

With this data I can compile a very comprehensive list of keywords to target for this particular client.

Competitive Analysis

Once I’m done choosing the keywords I start to look at who is ranking for these search terms:

From here I’m able to breakdown who has done what to get to page 1 for their respected keywords.

Site Audit

We’ll crawl your website to search for technical errors and issues that could be potentially holding your rankings back.

Once the crawl is complete we’ll run it through our SEO audit checklist:

  • Errors - Server and client errors like 404 pages
  • URL Issues - Uppercase, underscores and URLs that are too long
  • Duplicate Pages - Pages on your site with internal duplicate content
  • Page Title Tags - Titles that are missing, too long or duplicate
  • Meta Description Tags - Descriptions that are duplicate, too long or too short
  • Headings - Header tags (h1, h2, h3) that are duplicate or missing
  • Robots - What you are telling search engines to index or not index
  • Page speed - The speed at which your site loads
  • Internal linking - How your pages are interlinked internally
  • Indexation - Which pages are having issues getting indexed
  • Crawlability - Is Googlebot able to effectively crawl all your pages

Link Building & Blogger Outreach

The most important aspect to ranking well is being able to acquire contextual links from authoritative sites. This is by far the hardest part of SEO and something that requires a great deal of experience to do correctly. Here’s an example of a great link from CIO that links to the client contextually in this article:

Link building will ultimately make or break your campaign. Without it, Google has no way of determining the amount of authority your site has versus your competitors. These days it’s all about quality over quantity. Our job is to build contextual links from authoritative sites that move the needle on your campaign.

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