eCommerce SEO Audit Services

SEO for eCommerce websites relies heavily on technical insight and expertise. Fortunately for you it’s one of our services we’re most passionate about. We love breaking down data and finding holes in websites that need some TLC. We’ve worked with every platform including Magneto, WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce and custom HTML sites.

Our process for eCommerce SEO Audits

Keyword Research

We’re searching for not only the keywords that have decent search volume, but will convert once your customers hit your website. We make sure to only choose keywords that are achievable in a reasonable time frame.

The graph highlights a substantial amount of interest in this service which typically means it’ll be very competitive. Below shows interest based on region:

Competitive Analysis

Knowing who your competitors are is incredibly important when defining how long it’ll take to see results. We measure how long they’ve been doing SEO and how much authority they have in a particular industry. That’ll give us an idea of what it’ll take to compete.

Site Architecture

We look at the architecture of your site to make sure it’s maximizing it’s full potential. If your site is too deep then the authority will be heavily diluted by the time it reaches your category and product pages. We help to silo your pages and boost authority so you can rank better for your main keywords.

Diagnosing Technical Issues

Using our crawlers we can identify issues within the website that may not be visible on the surface. We use tools like Screaming Frog, Deep Crawl and Google Webmaster Tools to help highlight specific problems internally. After we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of issues we work with your developer to fix them.

On-Page Optimization

All the authority in the world won’t help you rank if your on-page optimization isn’t up to par. Every product and category page must be optimized for your target keywords. That means editing your header tags, title tags, meta descriptions and body content. We’re like website general contractors because all we do is build solid foundations.

Link Building & Blogger Outreach

For eCommerce sites authority is everything. The more of it you can obtain through quality links, the higher you rank on search engines, period. We have a vast network of writers, bloggers and influencers ready to create powerful backlinks and brand mentions for your site every month.

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