SEO Audit Services

One of our services that we’re extremely passionate about are SEO site audits. We love collecting data, analyzing it and providing actionable items to resolve the issues. Most site owners aren’t even aware of how many issues are holding their sites rankings back until we shine a light on it. There are a few different types of audits we do:

  • Deep Tissue SEO Audits – This is our most comprehensive audit that looks at every facet of your website from top to bottom. We dig deep to find technical issues with the architecture, content and on-page.
  • Website Transition SEO Audits – Migrating a website can lead to lots of SEO issues that web developers overlook during the transition. Mainly it consists of 404 errors, redirects and duplicate content.
  • Recovery SEO Audits – If your site has been hit with a manual or algorithmic penalty we can help. We’ll diagnose why you got hit, fix the issues and submit a reconsideration request in a timely matter.
  • Competitive SEO Audits – Knowing who and what you’re up against is half the battle in SEO. We’ll do a competitive analysis on steroids that’ll give you all the insight you need to go to war with your competitors.

Our Process for SEO Audit

Depending on which audit you end up choosing, each one will have a different set of processes. The process that i’ll be highlighting below will give you a general idea of our work flow when doing a site audit.

Initial Data Pull

The first thing we do is an initial data pull that’ll highlight a lot of the problematic areas right away.

Once we’ve collected all the data we’ll prioritize the issues in terms of which ones are holding the sites rankings back the most today. That way we can work from the top down and you’ll see results sooner than later.

Indexation and Crawlability

We need to make sure all your pages are getting indexed correctly and that Googlebot is able to effectively crawl your pages without issue.

On-Page Optimization

In this phase we identify issues with title tags, header tags, body content and meta descriptions. Fixing these issues is essential for Google to accurately identify what each page is primarily about.

Backlink Analysis

One of the major reasons websites lose rankings is because they have a poor link profile. The culprit is always low quality links using over optimized anchors.

Content Analysis

It’s important that your site doesn’t have duplicate content internally but also externally. We use Siteliner and Copyscape to ensure that you’re fully covered.

The site audit process usually takes a few weeks but the implementation can take months depending on how many issues are found. If you think your site is being held back contact us for a free consultation.

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