Google Adwords Management Services

If you’re doing any kind of digital marketing these days, Google Adwords is a platform you simply can’t afford to ignore. There’s no better ad platform for capturing customers with the intention of buying or hiring a service provider. Let’s breakdown how we set up and run a successful Adwords campaign.

Our Process for Google Adwords

Keyword Research

Before we can kick off the campaign, we need to do a fair amount of keyword research to see what your audience is looking for. Through this process, we’re able to determine which keywords have good monthly volume, how competitive they are and what the average cost-per-click will be. We’ll also decide on which keywords will be phrase match, exact match, broad match or have broad match modifiers.

Creating Ads & Ad Groups

One of the most important steps to building out a great campaign is making sure your ads stick out and convert. We create many different ads for campaigns so that we can test which ones perform the best. Once we’ve tested all the ads over a certain period of time, it allows us to make an educated decision on which ads to boost or shutdown completely. We also use software to see your competitors highest converting ad copy so that we can turn around and use that data to our advantage when crafting your ads.

Location Targeting

Once the ads are created we need to make sure they are only being shown to a relevant audience in a specific location. This could include targeting one specific state, city, country or a combination. If you’re a local business this part becomes essential as most people don’t want to travel very far to visit your place of business.


Part of tracking the success of your campaign is making sure we have your conversion tracking set up properly. We’ll make sure that all your tracking codes are properly implemented on your site so that we can track whether or not your PPC campaign is producing an ROI.

Negative Keywords

One of the most crucial aspects to optimizing your campaign is to actively be monitoring the keywords that actually get searched and clicked on. When a keyword or phrase makes little to no sense to your campaign we add them to the negative keyword list. The longer the campaign goes the longer the list becomes. It’s imperative that negative keywords are consistently added and search phrases are monitored to ensure you aren’t spending money on keywords that make no sense to your campaign.

What’s included in PPC management?

  • Keyword Research
  • Ad Creation
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Call Tracking
  • Competitive Analysis
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