Fastest Way to Lose Customers

Customer retention is extremely important to the long term success of any business.  It might surprise you to know that most customers leave simply based on the treatment they receive, regardless of how well the product or service preforms.  This means that no matter how amazing your product is, customer service is still #1.  Nobody wants to stand behind a product or brand that doesn’t stand behind them.  One thing that I pride myself on is being accessible to my clients 24/7, even to my own detriment (ask my wife).  They don’t wait 2-3 days for emails to be returned to them.  A lot of times I reply within minutes of them sending me an email.  People want to know that they’re being listened to and I treat them the way I would want to be treated.  Here is an interesting infographic on the fastest way to lose a customer.

Stats You Should Tweet:

  • 68% of consumers leave based on the poor customer service they received »tweet«
  • $83 billion is the cost of poor customer service in the US »tweet«
  • 61% of consumers take their business to a competitor when they end a business relationship »tweet«
  • In the US, the average value of a lost customer is $289 »tweet«
  • On average, 9.5 minutes are spent trying to reach a human in an automated phone system »tweet«
  • Over tweeting, self-promotion and failing to connect can drive customers away »tweet«
  • 65% of Fortune 100 companies use Twitter to engage with the world »tweet«
  • 62% of companies focus on acquisition and only 20% on customer retention »tweet«


via Get Satisfaction Blog

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