45 Signs of Social Media Addiction

Social media is dominating our existence these days. It’s everywhere and we can’t ignore it. Some people take it further than others. Here are 45 signs that you have a social media addiction.

1. You check your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on your phone within 5 seconds of waking up.
2. You get sad when nobody immediately likes or comments on your status, then think “nobody gets me.”
3. You update your status and it automatically posts on 5 different social platforms at once.
4. You reply to Facebook messages and DMs within 30 seconds.
5. You shop on Instagram and Pinterest instead of Amazon and Google.
6. You see something cool and instantly think about posting it for the world to see.
7. You feel compelled to “check in” at every location you arrive to.
8. You think that changing your profile pic once a week is a form of “evolving” and keeping things fresh.
9. You get 100% of your domestic and world news from Facebook and Twitter.
10. You create a profile for your pet, then proceed to write updates based on what you think your pet would say.
11. You start to get anxiety when you can’t check Facebook for more than 2 hours.
12. Your life has become a series of status updates rather than a series of real life moments.
13. You play games on Facebook like Farmville and Mafia Wars religiously.
14. The internet goes out and you feel like there’s absolutely nothing to do.
15. You create a #hashtag #about #everything #and #anything.
16. You feel exceptionally proud when a status or picture gets a certain amount of likes.
17. You look at people like they’re insane when they say they don’t have Facebook.
18. You get emotional when your significant other “likes” a photo that was uploaded by an attractive person.
19. You start adding friends just to increase your numbers.
20. You wake up at 3am and check Facebook then go back to sleep instantly.
21. You have to take your Phone to the bathroom otherwise you might miss something.
22. You meet someone and have to check the last 5 years of their Facebook photos before you can determine whether or not you can like them as a human being.
23. You find yourself thinking really hard about a witty status update before posting it.
24. You feel that everything has to be shared including daily thoughts, baby pics, friend pics, food pics and beautiful outdoor skyline pics.
social-media-addiction25. People refer to you as your Twitter handle.
26. You delete posts because they didn’t get enough love.
27. You start to panic when your phone battery reaches 10%.
28. You have a car charger, 2 chargers at home and a portable charger for your phone.
29. You can’t sleep because you keep checking your phone every 30 seconds.
30. You think doing a background check means combing through somebodies Facebook pictures from years past.
31. You start to think in terms of 140 characters.
32. You go to dinner with friends and spend more than 50% of the time with your head down staring at your phone.
33. You’d rather talk online than in person.
34. You see someone in person that your friends with on Facebook but you’re not even close enough to say hello in real life.
35. You judge people based on the amount of friends and followers they have rather than the content of their character.
36. You check your social profiles while going 85 MPH on the highway.
37. You get phone notifications via text message from your social platforms.
38. You are the one that tags everybody at dinner, every single time.
39. You’ve checked Facebook at least once while reading this.
40. Your phone doesn’t leave the presence of your body within a 5 foot radius.
41. You post selfies daily for validation from your followers.
42. You find yourself thinking about how to craft the perfect status update that will change the world.
43. You post famous quotes in hopes that people will think you’re smart.
44. You ask for advice in a status update rather than asking your friends, family, or significant other.
45. You feel qualified to apply for a social media position at a company because you spend more than 8 hours a day on Facebook and Twitter.

I’m guilty of doing a lot of these things. My excuse is that I’m trying to monetize my social traffic by engaging with them. There’s nothing wrong with being obsessed with interacting with other humans. Just don’t lose sight of the real world around you.

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