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Our SEO Process


The SEO Campaign Setup

Have past Chicago SEO campaigns suffered because you couldn’t keep up with bouncing between analytics and optimization platforms? We integrate your Google Analytics and webmaster tools data into our easy-to-use dashboard, allowing you to track results from a central location.


The Technical SEO Audit

Our website audits are designed to uncover problems with indexing, backlinks and other elements essential to good SEO. We use the information gathered to formulate a customized campaign for your business.


Organic SEO Content Creation

Content built around relevant keywords is at the heart of successful SEO. The team at SEO Direct works with your business to create high-quality content search engines notice and customers appreciate.


Backlink Building & Blogger Outreach

Influencers don’t just stumble across your website and link your content at random. Obtaining authoritative backlinks from top industry sites requires outreach, and at SEO Direct, we make networking an integral part of every campaign.


You need a dashboard where you can see the specifics of your campaign any time.

Our SEO tools are available 24/7 and provide the details necessary to monitor your campaign progress and gain insight into which tactics are most successful.

Why Choose Us?

SEO Direct operates on two key principles: reputation and results. We’ve built this company on that foundation.

Our case studies show how we’ve been able to improve search rankings for companies across industries, demonstrating the power of our tactics to produce the results you want.


Optimizing your site is about more than securing a spot on the first page of Google; improved rankings should translate to higher volumes of traffic. We want your business to start drawing more customers in addition to achieving better visibility in searches. 

No Contracts

With our month-to-month agreements, you’re never locked into a contract. We want to craft a successful SEO campaign for your business, not create unreasonable obligations. We never lock clients into long term agreements. We believe in freedom.

No Outsourcing

When you choose us as your partner in the effort to improve your on-page and local SEO, you’ll never deal with customer representatives or campaign managers outside of the U.S. We keep everything within the country in an effort to provide the best quality service for every campaign. 

Personalized Attention

Every client seeking help with Chicago SEO receives a personalized approach. We design a strategy based on your specific goals for search rankings and traffic. 

Transparent Reporting

Are you tired of looking at campaign reports you can’t decipher? SEO Direct’s dashboard is clear, understandable and user-friendly. We put the tools and information you need at your fingertips and don’t hide data behind unreadable charts or industry jargon.

Ethical Guidelines

SEO Direct never resorts to questionable practices or tries to trick search engines into giving your site better rankings. Our company abides by Google’s guidelines to ensure your site enjoys high visibility in the long term.

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