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Our SEO Process


The SEO Campaign Setup

What are your goals for your Houston SEO campaign? We work with your company to determine the best approach through an analysis of your website design and integration with our reporting dashboard. Linking your Google My Business, Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts with our tools creates a blueprint for success.


The Technical SEO Audit

Errors in your site can prevent search engine robots from effectively crawling the content. We take a look and spend the next two to four weeks fixing any issues we find to ensure every page gets indexed by top search sites.


Organic SEO Content Creation

For your Houston SEO content to be worthy of first-page search status, it needs to be unique and relevant. We help you incorporate high-volume keywords into quality content to attract the right kind of leads and encourage click-throughs.


Backlink Building & Blogger Outreach

Backlinks from industry influencers show search engines your site deserves attention. We incorporate manual outreach to top bloggers into our SEO approach to increase the authority of your content.


Have past campaigns failed because you can’t make sense of the data? Our SEO dashboard tracks all your progress in one place, and you can access reports any time to see how the campaign is going.

Everything you need is under one hood. We make it super easy to navigate to any data source you need to view within our private client dashboard.

Why Choose Us?

Companies in highly competitive markets and niches trust us to deliver results. Clients appreciate our professional approach and our focus on creating successful SEO campaigns.

Our reputation is among the best in the industry, and we strive to continue providing quality service to every business with which we work.


Many businesses dream of hitting the top spot on Google, but top ranking means nothing if you’re not seeing real results. Our goal is to get more customers to your business through the use of smart SEO tactics, not hit a particular number in search rankings. 

No Contracts

Our month-to-month approach means you don’t get locked into a contract every time you want to run a campaign. It’s up to you how long you want to work with us, and we’ll do everything we can during that time to get the results you want. 

No Outsourcing

As a U.S.-based business, we keep all of our operations right here at home. Our SEO experts, techs and customer service representatives service locations around the country from our offices in California. 

Personalized Attention

Generic SEO campaigns deliver mediocre results. We take a personalized approach, assessing the needs of our clients to find the best tactics for success. Our experience across industries gives us unique insights into which Houston SEO strategies drive results in specific niches. 

Transparent Reporting

Our reporting system is designed to be straightforward so that you can understand everything you see when you access the dashboard. If you have any questions, our team members are ready to clarify the data. 

Ethical Guidelines

We understand Google’s guidelines and never use any SEO tactics considered to be unethical or “black hat.” We protect our clients by always working within ethical SEO guidelines and best practices.

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