Referral Program

How it Works

SEO Direct offers generous commissions to partners that refer business to us. You don’t need to sell our services, just make the intro and we’ll handle the rest. 

Our referral program pays 10% monthly for the life of the client. The good news is that we do great work for our clients so they usually end up staying with us for years. Some clients have been with us over 9 years! The more clients you refer to us the more your monthly commissions keep stacking up.

Places to Find Referrals

  • Any connection or business owner that could benefit from organic traffic
  • Business owner meetups 
  • Clients that aren’t a good fit for your firm
  • Businesses of friends or family
  • Trade shows or events
  • Businesses that are already spending money on Adwords

To Apply:

Fill out our form below.