Ryan Bartlett

All I do everyday is field calls and emails from potential clients looking to boost their visibility on Google.  I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent debunking myths that clients hear from other SEO companies.  It’s mind blowing that some of these SEO companies are even in business with how much nonsense they are …

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Every time I design a site I always think that it’ll stand the test of time and i’ll never need to update it.  I will always be wrong about this because websites are always evolving and changing. This particular site has gone through 2 major overhauls in 5 years.  The question you need to ask …

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Customer retention is extremely important to the long term success of any business.  It might surprise you to know that most customers leave simply based on the treatment they receive, regardless of how well the product or service preforms.  This means that no matter how amazing your product is, customer service is still #1.

Memes are everywhere these days. It wasn’t until last night that I realized the power of them firsthand.

Donation links have become increasingly popular as a form of link building. Thats because you can acquire a highly authoritative backlink for a small donation towards a charity that you believe in. It’s a win-win situation for both parties involved.

Identifying the Problem When a website is born it starts with a clean slate.  By the time it gets to me it’s usually been severely abused by multiple SEO companies from the past.

Social media is dominating our existence these days. It’s everywhere and we can’t ignore it. Some people take it further than others. Here are 45 signs that you have a social media addiction.

It took me hundreds of sites and thousands of hours to figure out how to build a site that profits.  Figuring out how to build a site that will allow you to quit your day job can take years.  It’s more than a site though, it really comes down to the idea.  That’s where everything …

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It’s an SEO cliche: “Build great content and people will naturally link to you.” However — for those of you that have actually tried that strategy — you know that it doesn’t always work.

The other day I had somebody call me from the insurance industry. She proceeded to tell me that her current SEO provider wasn’t giving her the results she desired. I looked at her linking profile and quickly figured out why. There was about 2k no-follow links on sites that had zero relevancy to her niche, …

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